How to change rear O2 sensors? (X305 XJ12 MY95)

As stated in my video I recently released about this 1995 XJ12 I recently bought, the previous owner cut the center section of the exhaust off the car for some unknown reason. And when he did that he just cut the wires for the rear O2 sensors. Today I crawled under the car to see how to connect those back up and discovered that these sensors are placed really far back on the car. Do the wires for the rear O2 sensors actually connect into the wiring harness somewhere in the rear of the car? Like maybe in the luggage compartment? Or are the connectors somewhere under the carpet in the interior?

See photos below

The US spec ones in my inventory have about 12-14" of wire on them with a plug and seal about mid way on the wire. So the wire goes through a panel pretty close to the O2 Sensor and plugs in pretty close to that on the other side of the panel.

Thanks for the info about that. I will continue looking for the other ends of the connectors.