How to connect maintenance battery charger?

(RCielec) #1

Ahoy !
2002 S-Type; 4.0L Naturally Aspriated.
Car is outside andnot running pending repairs. Cold, cold, cold here in Chicago area.Don’t want the battery to run down.
Do I need to connect the maintenance charger directly to the battery (in trunk) or, are there remote “terminals” in the engine bay or elsewhere ?
I am only familiar with older cars that don’t have remote terminals.
Yes, the maintenance charger is appropriate for the battery.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.

(Rob Reilly) #2

No, there is no remote + terminal under the hood for jump starting. You could rig one up from the red cable on the starter or generator, mount it on the inner fender. I think I’ve seen such a thing at Tractor Supply.

(RCielec) #3

Sounds like direct to battery is OK and won’t damage anything.
Best Regards,
Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Ill; U.S.A.