How to determine a value of an XJS

Wow - and from the looks of it, you made a dang good deal, Lover. :+1: btw, I thought in FL is where all the $$ Jags are sold ? I say that, having bought Superblue out of Miami (paid less than $5K for her). :blush:

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Less than $5k good deal too I got an exceptional deal yes, I am not a fan of the facelift models but the man was desperate to sell and I wasn’t desperate to buy. Win win. The car no longer looks like it did in the picture. I have gave it a makeover in the past few days to something more…let’s say…appropriate bahahaha

I much prefer when you modify the car to be completely inappropriate…. Since you already have the plane so I’m hoping for boat, submarine, hot air balloon, fiberglass penis, shark, or whatever you come up with.

Give us a sneak peak preview of the latest project!!

Hi Gary,

I am extremely sure your XJS is not “average” in any way. You maintain your cars, and they are not fix-a-uppers! Your picture of the XJS shows this clearly! This list or any other is NOT the way to find a true realistic value of a car. I have found most on “lists” are trying to find “project” cars (and pay almost nothing);therefore, do not know a realistic value. I have found the best way to determine real value is to look at closed auctions on Bring A Trailer or Ebay. As mentioned recently, I had a 97 Jaguar XJ6 VP with 38,000 original miles for sale. I had offers from here that were around $4,000! The car sold with no negotiation for $16,500.

Good luck!

PS The AC amps you repaired are doing great!



The ONE XJS I’d own!

So, what about all of those 20 & 25k cars that I see for sale, are they just for sale and not being sold?

I always think about the value of my cars, but after all of the work that’s put into them only pretty pennies could buy them, which kinda means I’m stuck with them. I don’t really know, but I feel as though Jaguars that are well looked after and cared for by enthusiasts are rarely for sale. I think an enthusiasts car would invariably end up being an upside down sale against the seller.

I think the true market value is what the car is worth to you and not something that’s comparable to anything on Ebay or, Bring a Trailer.


Guessing you’ve heard that from UK owners trying to save their faces after £15000 purchase.

It is very collectible, most of the car breakers are hunting them saying these are worth more in pieces than in assembled version. They are also appreciating overseas buyers willing to pay $500 for differential of the banger worth £900 in purchase.

Most of the owners are called “Brian” and “Paul” and usually are having problems with excessive/lack of finger nails and general grooming.

Worth adding that most of the owners are in the age allowing them to remember “The Saint” series…

If you’ll look at UK Groupon site, you may find “Jaguar XJS stripping experience day” for £200 with all the parts your van can carry - included. Guessing all the sellers from eBay advertising ABS pump for £300 were participating in it… (I was one of them, twice)

Just saying to correct obvious lie…

Some facts here from the UK.
A rusty banger XJS will sell for around £3-5k over here, consider around £40k + to get it mint, that’s why these are generally stripped for parts. The days of buying these over here for a grand has gone… because people now appreciate what the car is.
A good usable XJS coupe will sell up to £10k… (add £ £5 - 10K for the open top) mint condition ones go over £20k, low mileage V12 convertibles can reach £40k. Again all UK prices.
The question is Why are they higher here in the UK then in the US, basically reputation. Unfortunately most American mechanics will tell an owner with a problematic V12 to put a Chevy in it… hence the reputation goes south and so do the prices.
I completely disagree with the statement that most owners are old, a increasing numbers of 30 somethings are finding the XJS to be a great way in to daily driving a classic.
The XJS will continue to increase in value, even the shite ones.


I would go further than Smig - I find your characterisation of UK XJS owners deeply offensive. Your description of personal hygiene is neither appropriate nor relevant nor funny. I would urge you to show greater respect to members of this forum.



Ut oh … “colorful” as usual, Lover? :grinning:

Now THAT would be interesting (and a first) - a submarine XJS, akin to the Lotus one that Bond drove/dived in that flick (The Spy Who Loved Me ?) :open_mouth:

It’s self sarcasm Frankie, as he is a UK XJS owner.
Never the less, we should buy Janusz a T-shirt :
“I :heart: Jaguars”


$16K+ for an X-300? Were they of “sound mind” ? :open_mouth: Around here (Dallas) it would bring closer to the $4K figure …

IMHO, the going rate for a facelift convertible (4.0) from what I have seen on Ebay around the U.S. of late seems to be in the ballpark average of $15K or so, if in nice condition. A facelift coupe (4.0) closer to $10K. Any demand substantially above those amounts I would entail a bit of “dreaming and wishing” on the part of the seller, unless the car has some unusual aspect about it to make it really worth that additional amount (e.g. very low mileage). :thinking: Any demand substantially less that those amounts I would be suspicious of, probably indicating the car does need “some work”. :thinking:

Now wait, I had read on here that the U.K. is strict on the inspection thing (M.O.T. ?), and supposedly they will quickly turn the car down for renewal on the basis of visible rust … I also thought that cars over a certain # of years old cannot pass M.O.T. and must be disposed of. :oncoming_automobile: :funeral_urn: Is this not true? :confused:

I still get people (almost always guys close to my age) coming up to me in parking lots and such typically inquiring about what year my XJS (Superblue) is, admiring her, and remarking on the rarity of seeing them on the streets anymore. :drooling_face: Once in awhile I do get a teenager or 20-something that also seems to appreciate it, but those seem far and few between. :thinking:

That reminds me … I suggested a LONG time ago that we have “Jag-Lovers” bumper stickers we can buy (or receive for a $ “contribution”) … Maybe even some custom license plate frames with that on them … Does anyone know whether the powers-that-be @ JLers ever did come up with those items? :confused:

Cars will fail MOT if the rust is structural, if it fails you can repair it and re test… visible rust is down to the rust itself, I mean if you have a stone chip that’s gone rusty will they fail it?? No…
You do not need to get an MOT if:

  • the vehicle was built or first registered more than 40 years ago
  • no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to the vehicle in the last 30 years, for example replacing the chassis, body, axles or engine to change the way the vehicle works