How to Disable Electric Door-Locking Mechanism?

Well, it looks like Superblue is up to her old tricks again, suddenly locking the doors on me (and sometimes refusing to unlock them via fob or even when trying to manually open them via the inside knob :open_mouth: ). I attributed this bad behavior on her part originally to maybe my battery (voltage) not being fully up to snuff (it just passed its 3-year warranty mark), but after putting in a brand new battery it has continued (although it abated for a couple of weeks or so at first). :angry: If it wasn’t for the outside locks/key slots, I would have not been able to get in her when the windows are fully up on more than one occasion. Even while driving, she’ll do that chit sometimes when, e.g., I hit the brake pedal, turn on the headlights, etc. … I’m fed up with it, and am dreading the day that should ever happen and both my outside lock handles break as well. :grimacing: So, bottom line, how do I shut that function off? Is there a fuse or relay (to that circuit only) that I can pull? :confused: I would like to still have the gas flap door lock function work, but oh well … :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyone??? :frowning:

If your car is similar to the 4.0 layout, and it should be. You will have a security door locking relay in the passengers footwell. its hidden inside an access hole in the body.

You should be able to remove it and that would end your locking function. How it might affect the security alarm, I have no idea.

I have found that when I have problems like yours, and it isn’t the battery, a simple unplugging of the relay, then plugging it back in resolves the problem.

DAC4862 is the relay part you’re looking for.

I’ll give a look and try just that. First I heard of either, btw. Thanks for letting me know, VK … :smile:

If you have it, it’s clipped on the inside of the upper end of this hole.