How to extend the aerial

(Paul) #1

Anyone any idea how to get the aerial up? I don’t know whether it is an auto/electrical or a manual one… the radio does not seem to do it when switching on and I can’t see any wiring to indicate it is an auto/electric one, but I can also not find a manual winder as per the service book…


(tony) #2

its likely imo the aerial is a dealer or aftermarket fitment (like my fixed one)

post a pic

(Ian) #3

It was a very popular thing to bend Aerials , so the better made ones used a key , if yours has a slot on the top , it need a key , small screwdriver will do it !

(Paul) #4

got it, it is a bog-standard one, just inserted too far to extend by hand - needed pliers, then came up clean. Obviously never used! :slight_smile:

(Paul) #5

And lo and behold… I found a little key under the carpet… that fits the top of the aerial so you can pull it up!

The previous owner tells me he has never managed to get the aerial up in the four years he owned the car! :slight_smile: