How to ignore a moderator

How do you ignore someone who is a Moderator? I see no way of doing so.


Kind of like ignoring a cop. Expect to be spoken to firmly with other punishment an extreme possibility, except around here they won’t kneel on your neck for 9+ minutes until you die. the only thing that will die will be your opportunity to be a member of the Jag-Lover’s community. The last guy I remember continuously ignoring the advice of a moderator found himself banished for life.


Why would you bring this up (the neck kneeling)? Wow. Ok, another annoying member, another ignore.

Also Gunnar, if you’re reading this, why doesn’t “ignore” totally ignore the individual? I still see a link to view the ignored post. I thought it would be more like FB, where the ignored person just does not exist.

There’s two options, mute and ignore, which appear to be in some way related to user level. There’s some further info here:

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Simple answer: you can’t.

That’s an interesting discussion: thanks!