How to install headlight rock guards on an XJ6

Looking for suggestions on installing rock guards on my XJ6 headlights.

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I don’t think I have ever seen stone/rock guards for the X300
I’ve a set for my ‘66 ‘S’ Type but that head light is a different animal.

are they mesh or purspex (flexi galss)

I think the mesh ones are the only ones available.

you’ll have to check with your state car registration rules as most places won’t allow them if they aren’t an item associated with the period of the car as in classic or vintage that were an item available, you can get modern plastic type which were on my 1975 xj6 but was told to take them off as they were the convex type which dulls & changes beam direction, only type ican think of that might be ok are the flat plastic type…there is modern types that mimic the headlight glass which most are plastic anyway

Thanks for the info. I am in Alberta, Canada - not sure about regulations regarding plastic lens covers. I’ll do some research. I haven’t seen any offered for sale in any of the auto supply stores here yet.