How to installation camshaft position sensor instructions on a 1995 jaguar XJ6

How to installation camshaft position instructions on a 1995 jaguar XJ6

Turn the cams until the tool fits?

Engine Timing the easy way:

refers to the problems I have had in ascertaining the correct way of setting up the cam position sensor (the unit where you might expect to find a distributor) when it took several churns of the engine before it would fire (though it was fine once running).

  1. pull the crank around (use a 15/16" or 33mm half inch socket on the crank bolt - it JUST fits without removing the fans) until the missing tooth is exactly under the CRANKSHAFT SENSOR (not the POINTER).
  2. look at #4 inlet cam lobe through the oil filler cap hole - if it is up then this is the correct TDC. If the cam is down (i.e. pushing the valve open) then rotate the engine 360° and check again.
  3. remove if necessary and reset the CAM POSITION SENSOR so the dimple shows in the window. It is easier to see where you are if you take the top off (20 torx). You should end up with the dimple alongside the coil thingy on the right hand side. When the top is replaced the dimple should be in the centre of the window.

Now the engine starts IMMEDIATELY on the first compression and without jiggling the accelerator pedal.

I initially set the missing tooth against the pointer - big mistake and it wouldn’t fire at all. Which leaves the question - why is the pointer there in the first place as I cannot see anything to line it up to.

Although I used a ¾" socket to get the crank bolt off when I did the timing chain guides, this large spanner won’t fit when the fans are in place so I bought a shallow ½" socket (15/16") as I was only pulling the engine over.

In my defence, I put everything back “as it was” - the engine was not good at starting before but as it is my first Jag I didn’t know what to expect. It now appears that I bought it with the cam sensor set about 120° wrong! No wonder nothing made sense though it proves how good the electronics are!
Jim Butterworth.