How to read the forum

I want to see every new topic and every topic that I have looked at previously if there are further replies in the thread. I have not found a simple way to do this. I experimented with defining “new” in settings, and then selecting the button for “new” topics. But that doesn’t show me topics I previously opened. I also tried to figure out the various categories for following and tracking etc, but I I’ve not been able to get what I want. Is there a FAQ or can anyone tell me how to get what I want.

John North

Hit the three lines upper right, when latest appears, click that.

Newest topics will appear. Threads you’ve read all of will be grayed out. Threads that have new responses will show the number of unread replies next to the non-greyed out thread. To dig deeper into your followed threads, click “unread” at the top of the “latest” page and the unread page will load - is that what you need?


The guides are in #user-guides-and-how-tos.

To your specific question, you can set a topic to “watched”: any time there is a new post in there a notification will appear above and to the left of your user Avatar (the round picture, top right corner of the screen).

This notifier indicates any activity in topics that you are tracking or watching. The default is to track any topic that you have entered, or posted in.

Clicking on your user Avatar will show activity in topics which you are tracking or watching. It looks like this:

You can click on any of the lines in that list to jump to the topic.