How to remove and install the brake shoes, on a SS100?

Can some help with instructions how to get the brakeshoes of and install the springs again.?
Have not got a clou how to remove the springs holding them in place.

Any help is welcome.

There are special tools available for this but my method is rather cruder.

There are various proper expanders. e.g.


I never knew there was a tool for that.

I’ve always just pulled up on one end of a shoe until it is out of the slot that holds it, then swing it over and let it move toward the other shoe. That takes the spring tension off.

Going back on, the spring ends have to be in certain holes and on the back side so they are slightly offset inboard from the slot which is the pivot point, and they pull the shoe towards the backing plate.

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I managed to take apart and install again with a long screwdriver as a tool. No easy but doable.