How to remove front turn signal lens? 1995 VDP

Dumb question, I know, but how do I remove the front turn signal lens to replace a bulb? Pry it out? Access from behind? Thanks.

Fairly sure they just get levered out.

Thanks! I thought so but I’ve been suffering from excessive stupidity lately…so I thought I’d check first. :roll_eyes::face_with_peeking_eye:

One end of the amber cover is held by a stiff moulded edge that fits in a corresponding slot in the bumper. The other end is held by a similar arrangement but it uses a tapered and more flexible tab.

To remove it for bulb replacement see the owner’s hanbook. From twenty years of fading memory, If you don’t have the handbook drawing, look carefully and use an old hacksaw blade at eack end in turn to probe gently to see which end seems most springy and press to release the unit.

So when fitting you hook the solid tab in the corresponding bumper slot and press the other end gently until it clicks into place flush with the bumper. If there’s a heatwave near you the lens will be less likely to crack, but if already broken a dab of clear silicone RTV will hold it.

I just did this on my '95 x300. Pry on the INboard end of the lens, I believe. The end nearest the grill. Then it will pull out. Try a butter knife or plastic putty knife. Maybe place a piece of cloth under so as not to scar the paint. ( my paint is already boogered up😄)