How to remove interior A pillar trim

Again I have searched but not found anything in the XJ section.

How do you remove the interior A pillar trim? I see there is a tongue at the top that holds it in - pushed up from below. How is the bottom of this trim removed without removing the dash crash pad?



What year XJ6/12 are you asking about?


I’ve removed that many times on my S1–unfortunately all before I became senile :slightly_smiling_face: . To the best of my recollection, you have to remove the dash pad, and even then you have to distort the trim inward a bit to be able to pull it down for removal. I fit tweeters to mine on each side BTW. I may have this wrong, particularly if yours is a S2 or S3.

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I have completely parted out three Series III XJ6s (1985, 1986, 1987) of every last nut bolt washer and screw and understand how to remove everything from a Series III XJ6. It would be nice if posters would identify the year and model car they are asking about so that I will know if I can help them, or not.


It is a 76 Series 2 XJ12 Coupe

Hi Garry,

I removed and refitted one of the A pillar trims on my S2 last year because it was slightly buckled. From memory the dashboard top roll must come out in order to remove the trim bottom first, but the removal of the top roll is very straightforward.



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Thanks Jules - I managed to break the plastic moulding on the passenger end of the dash top and buckle the A pillar trim a little - I have a new plastic moulding but will not tempt fate by removing the dashtop as I am sure to stuff something else up. I will wait until next time the dashtop has to come off and fix everything then.


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The only thing you might do wrong removing a Series 2 dash cap, after removing the screws along the front edge, is to short out the Map Light and blow its fuse, unless you disconnect the battery to be Sure the hot wire doesn’t touch against the inner structure (I can tell you how I learned that).

The Map Light is Supposed to have locking tabs to hold it in place (squeeze together to drop the fixture and disconnect its wires), but I have yet to see a car in which those tabs are not broken. If this is the case in your car, care will be needed to remove the Map Light whole.
Then pull its wires off (this also means, you must be Sure to feed the wires back through the inner structure and hole in the dash cap before replacing the dash cap).

After that, the crash roll merely slides back and slightly up, and there it is in your hands. All the defogger stuff should stay behind.

Then you can remove any screws in the A-pillar trim, move it Inboard at the bottom, and pull it down from the headliner.
That’s it.


Thanks for that - that is so helpful :+1:

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