How to remove the front seats


Is possible to remove the front seats (XK8 coupe 1998) while they are stuck in one position? Backwards in my case.
The switch and motor aren’t functioning. I checked the connections and fuses already.
But that doesn’t help until now.
So I want to remove the whole seat. But the seats can’t be moved forward or backwards.
Hope that there is a way to remove these.
Any suggestion is welcome.



If fuses are good, but both seats will not move, then this thread will show how to apply 12V to the seat connector under the seat to get it to move forward / backward.

If one of the seats will move, then swapping the control module under the good seat to the bad seat might get the bad seat to move. If so, control module is bad and needs to be repaired / replaced.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the great advice. It’s working. Connect 12V on pin 7 & 8.
I have just remove the seat today. No I will try to find out why the switch isn’t working.