How to remove timing chain on xjs v12?

Help please,How to remove timing chain??

  1. Remove Engine from car.
  2. Remove Heads.
  3. Remove Sump.
  4. Remove Timing Cover.
  5. Replace Timing chain.
  6. Reassemble.
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There is a lot of detailed technical work required to remove the timing chain in a V12 equipped XJ-S as described in the Engine section of the Jaguar XJ-S Repair Operations Manual (ROM). It is not something that can be distilled into an email.
If you plan to do this work you will need a copy of the ROM, lots of special tools, lots of time, and lots of patience.


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Also, replace all the tensioners and guides. Inspect oil pump, and hope to GAWD its in good shape.

I found a wonderful YouTube channel (Camp Chaos Chronicles ) where he actually has a video that will walk you through the whole process regarding timing chains including the tricky part of the timing chain tensioner install.( including making the special tool for the tensioner install )
His site is a treasure trove of info. His latest is building / modifying a tremec T5 - 5 spd to install into a v12 xjs
If you’re into working on your V12 yourself check out the above site and another great Jag site on youtube is Living With A Classic

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First step is a bitch (smile)

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I was just thinking that! Step number 1 looks like a doozy!
I’ll have to check your website Bernard to see if you
ever did that one!

Never changed the timing chain. I do have a link that details how the chain tensioner works if that is of interest.