How to replace throttle pedal spring

While working with plugs and wires I had to take the throttle pedestal off. When I went to put it back on I found that my throttle pedal spring no longer returned the pedal. I can’t figure out if the spring broke or if it just became disconnected. It is still connected to the pedal. Does anyone have a diagram of how that all fits together as it is very tight down there.

Take a look at and you can see a breakdown of the throttle control parts - Tex.

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You’ll have to stand on your head to see it, but it could have simply become “unhooked.”

(Hi Tex.)


There was a recent email string on the Jag-Lovers XJ-S list from someone who had the spring on his accelerator pedal break. He posted pictures of the broken spring, all the parts, and his repair. I recommend that you search the Jag-Lovers archives for those posts.


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I think we also saw a thread in the past several months where a spring had broken. Had pictures of the broken spring


here’s the link to the hthread

Even if the pedal spring went bad, the two throttle valve springs should return the engine to idle. The throttle cable will go slack and not hold the throttle valves open. Make sure those two springs are present and not broken.

Springs were there when my throttle pedal spring snapped (detailed in aforesaid mentioned thread), but didn’t do a good job of returning the butterflies. I had to use my foot to help pull the pedal up, in turn, helping the throttle valves to close - I will bet that my springs are weak.

Dang it @jal5678, you just made me start yet another project to figure out the throttle springs (added to the list of fixing the hood lift motor and hydraulic lines, 17" rims/tires, EBC brake pads, etc.)… Man my wife is gonna be mad :grin: