How to sell a 1950 120

Have had my fathers restored XK120 since he passed in 2011. Looking to find it a good home. This last winter all brake cylinders & linings replaced. Runs strong, good driver.
Have looked at BAT auctions. Any other recommendations? Car is in Chicago area.

one way is to move THIS post to the classified section here.
Another, list it with JCNA magazine, and the newletters of its member clubs…example, Seattle Jag club.
Another-Robb Report.

This is of course not an actual add it is a person seeking advice from members of the XK section.
But yes he could post an add in the classified section

There are many ways as you probably know. Since you are in Chicago you might try listing with the Illinois Jaguar Club. You might also call Imports Unlimited in Highland Park or Northshore Sportscars in Lake Bluff - either of those places might know someone who is looking for a car like yours. My thought is that local is easier but you’ll find the best way for you.

No do NOT move a post to the classifieds, repost using the template which includes true legal disclaimers.

I have seen quite a few posts like this, often by new posters, or just not knowing, but would it be helpful to post this link which describes what one should do in order to advertise ones vehicle or parts on the forum ?

I am guessing most people dont read the “How To” section, but they probably ought to in these cases

How do I: Use the Classifieds category? - User Guides and How-Tos - Jag-lovers Forums


I think the forum would be a good place to advertise your vehicle, following the correct procedures, as it is packed with experts and also some genuine “want to be owners” (me :grinning:)

So you can obtain expert opinion, advice and perhaps offers that will give you an accurate insight into the appropriate price range

You will likely get offers, and I would say this is a very genuine market

My only warning would be to watch out for canny lowballers :rofl:

There are people on here that know values very well, even track them

Post a lot of pictures and detail in your ad

Its also permissible to post as many pics of your car as you want, but I wouldnt do so in this particular thread without admin permission, I would follow Robins instructions

Well, that is how ya move it- new post.

I agree but there have been instances where people have used the pen icon to move the post to the classifieds rather than creating a new post. When this happens the legal requirements are not included in the post.

I knew there would be a reason, but I think people may get confused or discouraged, perhaps it would be easier on the moderators to prepare a Notepad cut & paste as standard reply to all such situations, there may be some new-fangled way of doing it

It would save a fair few keystrokes anyway :smile:

Thanks everyone for the advice. I’m not at level 1 so can’t post on jag-lovers classifieds. I’ve got a couple good leads here in Illinois.

Read the requirements to reach lvl1 and then post, they are not too onerous.

Local transactions are easiest

Its not known to me exactly what is required to reach trust level 1

a cursory look in the “how to” section found this

HOWTO: How can I find out what Trust Level I’m in? - User Guides and How-Tos - Jag-lovers Forums

It seems you need to either like, answer or create a minimal number of posts

Its a slight conundrum I guess, as I can totally see why the site owners have done it that way to discourage shysters, shills and blow ins, but I can see how it an issue for genuine sellers that are brand new to this site, many are like you, who have inherited a vehicle

If I was you I would start a thread with some good pictures of your vehicle, not a for sale thread, just in the XK forum,

This will attract expert comments on various aspects that may well be important for you to know in the event of a sale, “like” the answers, and reply to them

This should qualify you

I dont think this breaches the spirit of the forum, if it does, moderator please notify me and I will delete or modify post

In my opinion, the trouble is well worth it, so I guess in that respect, if one does not wish to do that, then one does not qualify under the forum regulation, which exist for good reason

don’t you just love it when things go from being so simple and easy to complex and difficult!

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Steve I could suggest here in this column to post some nice photos of your car and its full history and chassis number etc but don’t note it is for sale this will let people see what it is like.
regards terry

Terry, thanks for the advice. Heritage cert 63799 shows build date 2Nov1950, chassis #671080, engine #W2388-8. Apparently the engine thru a rod and took out the original head. My father purchased the car as a ‘barn find’ for $100 Oct 1966. He was a physician so time was very limited during his time of practice. Hence, he took the car apart but didn’t get time to really start restoring until his retirement. It was a body off frame restoration with everything done by him. The receipts I have show $24K+ in items from Moss Mtrs, Bassetts etc.


That’s a beautiful car, about 100 numbers before mine. From what I can see your father did a spectacular job of restoring it. To each his own, but if I had inherited that car I would be proudly driving it.


Mike, agree the resto is great & car should be driven more. Trouble is I’ve got an old Porsche that also needs tlc.

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Variety, Steve old boy, is the spice of life. Besides, it’s always nice to have something interesting to drive whilst working on something interesting to drive. However, if you are intent on selling it you might want to put it up with a lot of pictures and maybe even a Youtube link in the Classifieds so as not to run afoul of the site rules. This thread will trigger interested parties to take a closer look.

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Its good to see the car on the XK database
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