HOWTO Request Access to the Pub category

What is the Pub category?

The Pub is a general chit-chat category on Jag-lovers where the discussion of politics is allowed, subject to strict rules of conduct. The category is hidden to all members by default, only those who wish to be exposed to politics, and specifically request access to the Pub category, will even see it.

(UPDATE: We do have another general chit-chat category where no politics are allowed, called the Lounge. Once the forum software promotes your account to at least “Member” status (a.k.a. Trust Level 2), you’ll be able to see and post in the Lounge. No admission request necessary.)

Quick summary of the Pub rules:

  • You should work actively to maintain the peace on Jag-lovers.
  • No name calling, no personal attacks allowed.
  • No racism, xenophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, or other bigotry.
  • Stick to peer-reviewed and verifiable facts from reputable sources. No conspiracy theories, and no mis/disinformation.
  • If you make a mistake, own up to it.
  • If someone else breaks the rules, flag it (report it to the admins), do not reply.
  • Be nice. Fake it, if you have to.

If you think you can abide by these rules, and you would like access to the Pub, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be in Trust Level 2, also known as “Member”.
  • You must not previously have been banned for life from the Pub.
  • You must accept and promise to follow the Pub Rules of Conduct.
  • You must be OK with the fact that other intelligent people may strongly disagree with you.
  • You must accept objective reality, as presented by science and verifiable evidence.

To find out which Trust Level you’re currently in, and what’s required for you to be automatically promoted to the next Trust Level, please see this HOWTO post.

To request access to the Pub category, please visit this page, then click the gray button labeled “Request” (see screenshot).

The admins’ decision on whether or not to grant you access to the Pub is at their discretion, and is final.

Nick & Gunnar