Hub "Dancing" on stub axle ..MK2

(jon hanssen) #1

Hallo ! I am a norwegian, freshman onboard. I have several Jags, and right now I am changing wheel bearings on my MK2. It is a 1960, 3,8 VIN 212919BW. Front wheel Right side. Wire wheels.
I had the bearings done ( into the hub) in a workshop, but now mounting everything together, the hub is still “dancing” on the stub axle. Looking at different pictures, it seemes to me ( absolute no skilled mechanic) that the stub axle are missing the splash shield and oil seal. Nothing is visible on the axle, and I thougt theset should/ could be seen. I had a “heck” of time getting the suspension together again, and was very disappointed when realizing I had a problem. Anyone ? Thanks , Jon Rangfred

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(Andrew Waugh) #2

Hello Jon, and welcome to JL.

Can you post a picture of your stub axle without the hub mounted, or some pics of what you mean by “dancing”?

I presume you have fitted both inner races.

(Foggyoo) #3

Is the hub loose on the stub axle?
Do you have the correct bearings?

(jon hanssen) #4

By “inner races” you mean bearings …or ? I will try to take a picture of the stub axle as it looks( Actually I have one on my phone, but can`t get it on to the pc)

(jon hanssen) #5

Yes , the hub is “loose” on the axle. I should have the right bearings yes, but it was done in the workshop, and what I am suspecting is that something is missing. Like what SNG Barratt calls "Hub Oil seal nr 24 on their front suspension drawing. I thought maybe this should be visible on the axle.

(Andrew Waugh) #6

Here is a sectioned drawing of the front axle:

I’ve coloured the outer races in Blue, and the inner races in Red.

(jon hanssen) #7

Thanks, Andrew! I will have to examine the hub to see if it looks like your drawing. And I will also post a picture of both my axle and hub, if anything missing can been seen on the pictures . Thanks, again! v

(jon hanssen) #8

Maybe there is to much grease on my picture, but compared to “valve chatter”, the (dark)grey and the black ( water shield) parts visible on the stub axle lacks on my axle …!?

(Andrew Waugh) #9

The shield and the thrower are attached to the hub itself. (They’re pressed into/onto the inner end of the hub.)

EDIT: the seal and thrower

(jon hanssen) #10

(And just for the record, I know that the brakefluid line is on the wrong side of the caliper fastener arm in the picture from my car)

(Phil.Dobson) #11

take the roller bearings out of the hub and fit them onto the stub axle to confirm they are the correct size

(jon hanssen) #12

Thank you Phil. This is probably the best suggestion so far. And it gives me an understanding of the actual challenge. According to the problem, this seemes to be obvious. But then again, it makes me ask ; Is it a known fact that Jaguar used different sized stub axles on MK 2? Mine is a very early production car, probably built autumn -59. Can anybody confirm it is possible? Next question would be; why does not a “serious” (?) supplier as SNG B., inform us about that ? Thankful for all answers.

(Phil.Dobson) #13

My memory tells me there are a couple of size differences but I’m not sure which and or when. No comment on parts suppliers, you are subject to the age and experience of the member of staff you get to speak to.

if you put a calliper across the stub axles and measure what you have I can compare with a set off a mk2 I have in my workshop.

(peter balls) #14

Jon. as I recall the splash shields are not fitted to the early cars.
If you have replaced the splined hubs they will be machined
to accept the hub mounted shield, if you have the original uprights
they will need machining to accept the shields.
Andrew might advise on the chassis number change.
Peter B.

(Andrew Waugh) #15

I’m not absolutely certain, but the water shields seem to have been there from the beginning (The Mark 1 has none), but they changed at the same time as the carrier was changed (for brake lug spacing?).

(peter balls) #16

I note two part numbers C18642 and C18843 Andrew.
Please check the front hubs re water shield.
Peter B

(Andrew Waugh) #17

Yes, the point being that both early and late Mark 2 had splash shields

Jon has splash shields fitted, you can see them in the 1st of his photos.

(Chris Hatton) #18

I read this thread with interest although not too sure exactly what the term dancing actually alludes to although it might be similar to an issue I had with one of the hubs on my Mk2.
The RHS always exhibited what appears to be end float even if the hub nut was carefully tightened to remove all actual end float the hub exhibited a little rock with the wheel fitted & grasped top & bottom. Investigating in a little more detail whilst fitting new brake discs recently I noted a witness mark on the stub axle where the inner race of the inner most bearing sits. The mark was evident for about half the circumference of the stub axle & was deep enough to be felt by finger nail, measuring with caliper revealed about 0.003” loss of diameter clearly caused by the inner race rotating on the stub axle & weaing the loaded face section of the stub axle. A replacement SNG stub axle & bearings eradicated the problem once & for all I hope!

(john) #19

there may be a slight mix up here so i am adding my two cents. one picture shows a pressed steel upper A arm and the other shows a forged upper arm ( later car ? ) later cars had a large shield that covered the inside area of the disc. Neither of my 60 mk 2s have the large shields and i am sure they never did. the small ring shield i can’t see and my memory (untrustworthy ) tells me it was all like picture #2. both cars are disc wheel with pressed steel upper A arm.
my early catalogue does not show either shield, my factory repair manual ed#4 shows forged upper arms and watershields but not the earlier pressed steel arms. and there were other parts that changed there like bump stops etc. so you could be wrong even when you think you are following the bibles?

(jon hanssen) #20

Thanks ! I have been considering those thoughts as well. As my car probably have been produced late 59/ . I have been searching in MK 1 stuff, but so far everybody / everything says it should be equal. Which it obviously is not . Now I am considering opening the other side ( left front) to seek the truth. Very frustrating with this result as I have been looking very much forward to get it back on the road this season . And the season may not last to many weeks more here in Norway .