Hub Removal - Lea Francis but of interest?

(Tigger) #1

A common discussion point, and I share here a post from a member of our local car club Facebook page. Robbie’s report on working on his Lea Francis may be of interest to Jag Lovers.

Robbie Watson: A very good day! Managed to get the rear hubs off the Lea Francis axle and learned a top tip at the same time! Had to fabricate a hub puller of suitable size and strength but that, along with a ton of heat, would not budge the hubs!! Apply top tip… loads of heat and then 1/2 a can of “shock freeze” sprayed on the end of the 1/2shaft and off they pop!! The first hardly needed any puller applied pressure at all and the second only needed a couple of taps with a large persuader

(Rob Reilly) #2

So he had to make his own tool to do this?
This subject comes up occasionally on the XK forum.
Here is how I did it on my Mark V.
I had to try 3 tool rental shops before I found one that knew what I wanted and had one to rent. 3 hour rental and I had both hubs off and the tool back to the shop in 2 hrs 55 minutes.
But another forum member said this tool does not work with the wire wheel hubs, doesn’t quite fit.

(Ian) #3

Looks like the one I got off e-bay , cost around £25-30 ,to use on my MK2 no heat needed , just did it up tight , and a few hits with the sledge , popped straight off !

(DaveMoore) #4

I used heat and cold when pulling the wire wheel hub on mine. I had a long tommy bar on the puller and the whole car was starting to lift but the hub wouldn’t budge. I wrapped the outer with tea towels, poured boiling water on it. Sprayed plumbers pipe freeze spray ( designed to create a plug of ice in copper pipe ) on the inner and pop.