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I am back to sailing (see attached pic) after 8 months of stupidly-grueling work (which couldn’t have been handed off)

I recently turned down a “free” motorbike from a dear friend in that I did not want to incite the “Adolescence Gods” and temp Fate with the Trifecta of nonsense that yachting and owning an E-Type would incur, as is.

Thot that was big of me.

Anyway boat is back on line; hope that E is as well, in the next 6 mos.



Nice boat Huff. What is it and where are you sailing to? Good way to get right: trim the sails, steer the wind!

Fair winds, and clear skies, sir!

Yes, but did you make any money ?
We all must pay for our bad habits. :sunglasses:
Looks like it was worth it. :grimacing:

Oddly enough I was just today wondering what happened to you and your car.

I have $7K new rigging on a 1K sailboat- it would have cost $10K more if I had someone else do it.

Maybe you see the problem. Maybe you can’t.

Irregardless, I am sailing again which makes most-all better/sufferable; which was the plan.

Jag is now in my sights. Huff

24 ft 1964 Columbia. I sail in the San Pedro Channel- my fave sailing is to Avalon/Catalina but can only afford the time less oft than I want; am hoping it happens soon as I am ready(!)

As expensive as it is, it is still inexpensive “therapy”; great way to get “right”. Big stuff is that most of the (much) work paid off- she sails flatter, faster and easier: I won (this time); new sails help.


If Huff speaks of recreation so can I!

Photo of a ride below!

The “little Woman” with our bike - November 2016. Today it is 9 degrees F… In the 40’s latitude weather varies. It always has, always will.

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SO, is that a carbon mast I see? So yes Huff I sense the paradox on a 64 Columbia. But hey, your the guy with a stroker crank, right.?

Besides, your jib looks perfect

What year? Mine is 2012 and because it is the best bike ever made, I will never buy another bike!

Dennis 2012 K1300S

Larry & Dennis, its a BMW.
Aren’t the cylinders supposed to point out the sides?

Mine has shift assist, but only going up in the gears.
A friend’s R has shift assist for shifting up and down. Wow. It works perfectly.

  1. Almost as good as our old FZR 1000, Which many guys (including me) think is far and away the best “old” bike. The Yamaha wasn’t as twitchy, wife likes the BMW better. Wanted anti-lock and the old Yamaha needed a chain and some regular repair items. I don’t believe in doing anything to bikes - just want to ride them and wash them. When the BMW needs anything it goes out for sale. Keeping the Jag and Porsche running - no problem. You can’t fix every old mechanical device you own - “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

Not all Bimmers are boxers.

But, I do miss my R90!

… a little more outhaul and some Cunningham to get the draft forward.

I have ridden a BMW S1000RR a few times. It is the race version of the bike Larry and I have.
It is shorter wheelbase, less weight, 200 cc’s smaller engine and 195 horsepower. Too much bike for me!

Oddly enough I never even had a Cunningham cringle to play with on either jib or mainsail such that I have new methods of trim. Boomkicker is also a new addition top amend the vang (see pic). I was just tickled when the new-design Genoa (is a 115) as the sheet leads went right to the primary winches on the foredeck; I really like using those “oldies but goodies” chunker Merrimans since I single-hand, mostly, and they are in great position and work well.

To the one that has the good eye- yes that is a CF mast. I am headed out the door for my reg Sunday daysail to get some use out of it. (so now we have some Jag content to make this entry technically valid) And yes, technically it is a stroker" crank but stroked by only .025 . I have yet to have the pistons made, but that is about it, and then hope to tackle the old girl (she doesn’t move very quickly so should be a cinch) sometime soon after the new year depending what CA and Mother Nature has next for me- yeesh…the Saddleridge Fire was in my backyard and the Tick was just north of me with north winds!

I’d say you’re doing well if you can single hand without self tailing winches!
Ok, so that 115% genny is providing some overlap on the main and I would imagine there again it’s difficult to get the slot trimmed if you’re by yourself… nice job!
I mentioned the Cunningham as OBJAGCON in old speak J/L because the late, great Briggs Cunningham was of course a super skipper and it was he who invented the tack downhaul to move the draft forward on the main.
It’s such an effective control and so universally used they named it after him.

Now I know what someone feels like, who’s never worked on an engine, when I explain the 4-stroke cycle…!!