HVAC LCD display question

So since ive owned my xk8 my display has been like this. Occasionally it get more readable for a day or so, but this is how it looks. Ive always figured the lcd itself was bad, but curious if there are any fixes out there. I did search, but only really see about the backlights.

I pulled it today, looked it over and opened it up. The display stayed the same the whole time. I remembered i had a spare one in the spares i was given when i bought the car. Unfortunately when i picked it up and looked at it, it was obvious that it had been manhandled and scavenged. So I found one for pretty cheap on ebay from a known recycler so i bought it. Of course right after I paid i found one for cheaper. Lol oh well

I finally got around to installing the ebay unit! So nice to have a fully readable display!

I think that’s sunburn. Old calculators used to get damaged for a while, that’s why some have yellow UV shields over the LCD…

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Gotcha. I didn’t think of that, especially with it being a coupe. Part of me wonders if someone pressed hard on the screen at some point too.

Well crap. I knew i should’ve aired on the side of caution. Lol. My old ones backlights worked fine and i thought about swapping them out, but didn’t. Of course I went out tonight and sure enough, this ones are burnt out. Drrrrr. Oh well, looks like I’ll order led upgrades and tear it apart again. Smh oh well

Well that’s better!