Hydraulic test of rear

With the IRS out and rebuilt can someone tell me how to generate enough brake pressure to test for leaks? I can fill it and bled it but do not know a way to generate the normal brake system pressure. I hope to eliminate putting the IRS back in and then having to take it back out cause I screwed something up.

Maybe with compressed air?
Otherwise, place the IRS under the car and either lift it up or get a longer flexible hose and just connect the brake line and nothing else.
If you have a leak it would be fairly easy to take it out again.

I didn’t test mine before it went back up and luckily I had no issues.

Thanks Aristides, your solution to my problem is perfect. Use the kitty to check itself :grinning:

…that will require PCP air rifle bottle with 3000psi regulator at least… There is nothing to go wrong if your callipers are refreshed (seals+pistons) attachin it to actual car with use of flexi line is the most accurate way, however flexi line for this pressure level will cost few bucks… (see: paintball remote line). Griling piston leaks are extremely rare, even on the seized callipers. Only thing left are the unions an bleed screws (can be tighten fron underside if leaking).

Thanks Ive discounted air testing cause i cannot generate the pressures required, and i think that air vs oil will create different sealing requirements. I will wheel the irs over to the car, make a temporary hookup and look for my concern, not that the sleeves and pistons are leaking, but the connections to the calipers and feed are. I am unable to see leaking air but can more readily see leaking fluid. I thank you for your thought.

Even if they will - you can easily rectify it by tightening it. Been there, noticed a leak on bypassing pipes, used wrench, done :slight_smile: (cosmetic issue)