I am a convert - microfibre towel

I Just used my new microfibre drying towel in place of the leather which I thought was the correct item until now. Brilliant bit of kit. I would have two so if one gets too wet use the other. You can almost dry the whole car with one towel without wringing out although it is quite hard to wring out fully so two would be better. If you use a squeegee then one would do it easily.

Yep they are brilliant pieces of kit, just don’t get them near any wood chips, don’t ask me how I know😫

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Also do NOT put them in the dryer after washing them. They will pick up every piece of lint and “pills” terribly. Also look into silicon squeegee blades to remove the majority of water.


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Yep… I used to think cotton towels were the best.


Guess I must have bought the wrong version of the microfiber cloth - got frustrated trying to remove water from car so grabbed big bath towel - no chamois available close by (what normally use) - so is there a special type of micro towel to use?

I just use the ones from Costco.

I will assume Costco is a dry goods store in larger cities - will check with relative living near Philadelphia and one living in Houston - don’t have store named that around me - think my wife had got the ones I have a a Dollar General store - would a Walmart possibly have the microfiber towel there is that store about 15 miles away.

I think it would be likely.

Costco does online ordering, but you have to be a member.

Ok, so not really a special microfiber towel - just not a “fake”, as I think this is what I have as it didn’t seem to be effective for water removal.

Did you pre-wet it? Sometimes they need to be primed.

Not wishing to hijack - have you got your engine sorted yet Gerard? Paul.

I have Bob the Jaguar mechanic picking up the car next week. He is going to bore scope the cylinders, inspect for damages and probably pull the head. It cold go south quickly. Then on my GTO with a 400 I dropped a lifter and we are seeing a bit of bronze liquid in the oil poured out from the oil filter. Going to have that filter “cut” open today to inspect for silver metallic particles. Hoping the cam is good on a 3,000 mile rebuild. May my headstone say, “it’s always something.”


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Yikes… if it weren’t for bad luck…:cry:

Robin - no, I did not pre-wet it - will try that method - thanks.

Don’t wet it… it will pick up water from dry unlike a leather. Once wet they are not easy to completely wring out by hand (why did we get rid of the mangle…). If you squeegee off the water first one towel will do the car. Cost me 12 euro plus I got 6 x smaller towels for wire wheels etc.

Gtechniq MF4 Diamond Sandwich Microfiber Drying Towel - Streak Free Finish, Significantly Higher Absorption Rate - 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide & 60x60cm In Size| Can Be Used On Wet & Dry Surfaces

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Okay - so wet it or don’t wet it - two methods - the only "squeegee " I have used is for use on the glass - kind of semi-hard rubber - is there a “soft squeegee” to use on the body of the car, to first remove excess water before using the microfiber towel - thanks.

Hope all of that works out!

Yes, there are a large variety of car drying squeegees (typically called “drying blades” or similar) for sweeping the water off of freshly washed cars without scratching the paint.

They are almost always made of some form of silicone. A decade or so ago, Griot’s Garage made a drying blade out of a dense, stiff foam that I like much better than the silicone ones, but they stopped making it a long time ago and only offer the silicone ones now. Luckily I still have the foam one despite some close calls (like leaving it on my mirrors after a wash and driving to the alignment shop where they let me know and saved it…)

As for microfiber drying cloths, the best ones I’ve ever used are of a looped knit just like terry cloth. They’re like a microfiber bath towel - if they made them for bath use I’d get them for the home! But they’d be really expensive bath towels though.

Microfiber loses its absorbency over time - used to be the waffle pattern microfiber drying cloths were the thing to have, and I bought some. But over a decade plus of use, they don’t absorb the water instantly like they used to and do seem to need “priming.”

Here’s a link to Griot’s stuff - not to plug them as the best, just to show what’s out there. Many vendors sell equivalent (though their terry weave drying cloth is what I use myself.)


Thanks for the added explanation- took a while to get back on here to get caught up on response - will give it a read.

I find that even the towels that don’t work great out of the pack work just fine once they have been washed.