I am a dumba$$, broke tach glass

I was wondering if anyone out there could help a poor stupid soul who cracked the glass on his tachometer. I was wondering if anyone had an extra glass laying around that they could part with . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Series 1 1967

Glass shops can cut a new piece.

Or maybe make one from a piece of thin plexiglass?.

Thanks, i thought it would be cheaper and quicker to buy a used one. Also probably more accurate.

I had one cut for me at a glass shop several years ago. I think it was $5. Fit perfectly. They even matched the thickness.

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It’s like 1/8" plain glass right? I’d expect a shop could cut a round very inexpensively. Were you rapping on it trying to get it to work?

I repainted the bezel and was trying to bend the little tabs.

Ah. You don’t bend those tabs, they’re pre-set. You fit the glass into the bezel, adding the gaskets, mate the instrument and give it a push and a twist to lock it in place … but you already know that now.

Welcome to the club. Bonehead manoeuvres go with the territory, if all the ones I’ve pulled off over the decades is any indication.

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School of hard knocks is my alma mater

I broke a round side view morron once. Went to a glass place and got a new one cut for just a few bucks.


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You are not alone…I broke the glass on my oil gauge…I went with these guys…

If you want to invest in some tools.

So all those Hollywood movies where the late night cat burglar scores a circle in a window pane and removes it with a suction cup are total fabrications. No way could that work.

I hate to be the one to break it to you Erica, but most of what comes out of the movie industry is fabricated. Except for the documentaries like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Cowboys and Aliens.


Let’s not forget that every word in This Is Spinal Tap was the absolute truth…:grimacing:

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Glass, of any kind, is weird shit.

If truly earns the moniker, “cryptocrystalline.”