I bought the '85 sedan in n. calif. (pics included)

nice smooth running- shifting car.
Jay, was it you who commented about all these cars have a Corvette engine in them?
Something about where the alternator is mounted?
Nothing was said about this engine being from a Corvette, but I guess that’s something
a guy should know.
I’ll drive it for 6 months or a year but eventually the engine/trans goes in my '75 sedan
which already has the 2:88 series III rear gears/suspension and the whole
front end steering/brakes and one of Andrew’s larger dia. sway bars and 7" headlight kit.

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Looks to be a pretty car!

Seems far to nice to part out… Enjoy that car. Very nice specimen and very tidy installation.

I fired mine up yesterday and let it idle in the drive while i played with a forgotten toy!!! Slick, the efans came on. A bit noisy. Checked the temp.

Just as they should. 95C !!!

The location of the alternator is but a clue as to which LT1 engine it is. The engines are somewhat similar. They vettes have alloy heads and a different tune.

The toy is a “boom box” sorta. A smaller rendition of a once popular portable radio. The Zenith Transoceanic. As I cleaned it up. It began to play!!! “how can that be, it is not plugged in?”

Wonder of wonder, batteries still have juice.
AM. Fam CB, SW TV available. Even a mic for use as a PA!!! More play time later…

good looking car! congrats! i think you got a pretty decent deal on a well sorted lump
i commented on every 350 chevy being from a vette.
alternator placement, i do not recall.
i know on the later LS engines there were different front drive accessory drives for f-body, vette, and truck spacing.
i don’t know enough of the older LT1s.
i’ve never been lucky enough to snag one of the illustrious vette engines… lol