I can't have an image of the so-called brake pedal free travel of Mk V


There is an explanation about the brake on the Page L7 of the Service Manual for Mark V of Jaguar as follows: (The necessity for adjustment of the brakes can) best be judged by observing the amount of brake pedal free travel before solid adjustment should be made ….
And tell me please if I should observe the brake pedal free travel at the driver seat without jacking up the wheels.

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Free travel would be the same , make no diffrence I would have thought , on the ground or on a jack !

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There is an illustration of a brake pedal pad on the site

Where should be the “travel” of it?

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I’m sorry. I intended to show you the illustration on the site http://www.trav4.net/brake_pedal-576.html.

Brake pedal travel can be assessed with the car parked on the ground. One element of free travel is the distance of mechanical easy motion before the master cylinder starts compression. The linkage on the Mark V typically is set up to have about 1-2 cm of mechanical free travel of the pedal before the master cylinder is starting to compress. The next amount of free travel is how far the brake pedal is compressed until solid resistance is felt. On Mark V cars the solid resistance is felt typically in the range of one third to two thirds of full possible pedal travel. My car typically has solid resistance at about half of the brake pedal travel range. If solid resistance is not obtained by three quarters of the pedal travel distance, a brake pedal pressed to the floor may not provide as much braking as needed when stronger braking is warranted.

In my experience, people who are not familiar with the Mark V brakes often comment on how soft the brake pedal feels and how much of the pedal travel range they must use.

Thank you very much. I did not know that the travel didn’t mean here anything but a concept.

Brake pedal travel means this, how much does the pedal (number 13) and pedal arm (number 1) move before you feel the brakes beginning to work?
The manual does not give a measurement, but it should be more than zero, so I would go for between 1/2 cm and 2 cm to where some resistance begins, and 5 to 10 cm more for brakes fully applied.