I come very close to joining the S-Type Forum!

My Friend got his S Type from the main dealer a few years back , he paid 17k for it !
He is nor mechanically minded,so every job he had to pay for,soon as you say Jaguar the price goes up right !
Any way a few weeks back he spent over £400 on new brakes Discs and pads , next thing I know he has a Turbo problem !
Talked to him yesterday and he sold the car , and got a jap small people carrier !

Good job I was sitting down , he went on line , and found we buy any broken car .com

They took it away for ------------------------------------------£300 :zipper_mouth_face:

That’s a sad but common story.
When I was about 10 my dad had a Studebaker with automatic trans that suddenly wouldn’t shift out of low. He tried a few things, then drove it to a scrap yard and got $20 for it. The next day it was out in front of the yard with a $300 price tag.
I figure it was low on trans fluid.
Jags get into hands that can’t fix them and can’t afford to pay to have them fixed. The saloons hit a low value after about 20 years, and then the ones that survive in fair shape begin to climb slowly. Maybe you should follow up on it.

I bought my S Type nearly four years ago as an MoT failure for the same price that your friend got for his. Once I sorted out the failure issues and worked through the other known problems (upper tensioners, water pump, trans fluid & filter) I’ve been using it as my daily driver ever since. If you can do the work yourself they are such incredibly good value but I have noticed nice ones are starting to sell for a bit more recently.
The same seems to be true for X Types and XK8s which were all produced when Stuart Lawson (I think I got the name right) was still in charge of styling.

Perhaps these models are being perceived as the last distinctive Jaguars and certainly they’re amongst the last you fix most things yourself.


It was the late Geoff Lawson (1944-1999) that styled the S-Type and others of the era. His best quote is this:
“A Jaguar looks like its going fast when its standing still. An SUV looks like its standing still when its going fast. There will never be a Jaguar SUV.”
What a pity he is no longer with us.
There is nothing in the Jaguar showrooms that I would trade my S-Type for.

Of course, Geoff Lawson!

When I look at my XK8 (and wonder why it won’t start) and my S Type, I think how easy on the eye they are. The proportions are right and the curves are smooth flowing. They just look the sort of Jaguars I think Lyons would have approved of. I doubt that you could say the same of the current range although I do have a secret hankering for an F Type coupe but they’re not in price range yet.