I found a series II owners manual in my new '85 III

The kind that the factory ships with the car.
MY car is a III so I don’t know how it got in the car.
It tells you how to operate your windows and change a flat tire.
It’s in nice shape with no grease stains or rotten moldy pages.
It says xj6 - fuel injection on the cover in green and white.
'seems a shame to toss it if someone could use it
I first thought of the Sedan crowd here then thought I guess
I owe a bit more alliance to the Lump crowd.
Let me know, US mail offers a cheaper Media Rate and I’ll pay it.
Here’s a couple of pics

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Very nice. My III came with an owner’s manual and a maintnence manual. Each quite useful .

Seems a II owner here would be delighted.


After it was offered for a few days here I posted on the XJ site and got a response.
It’s on it’s way to San Fransisco.
In the posting there I mentioned if they ever heard the phrase:
'those Lumpers are dam #%@*&)
they were to snap back:
'ya, but not all of them :laughing: