I found another one - Nissan inspired


I like the bigs and littles: I like the flares: I like its stance: the head-/taillights?

Ruined my brekkie.

249k Aussie dollars?? I want what the seller is smoking.

Foose inspired tailights, but they blend better than my S-2 OE versions.

Faint praise, that…:wink:



Now I gotta say that’s just stupid and they’re pretty proud of it as well at $249,000. Tho I don’t like it I understand a drive train transplant but this car just bodged up the body to look better than… what? An original '68 E-type, nope.


people would stop butchering these cars if Sir William had put wide enough wheels and tires on them

I have seen that one for sale several months ago. Looks like no one wants it.
For £140500 you could get a really nice one that hasn’t (in my opinion) been ruined. I think it looks ugly.
Nicely finished though.

…'ya know, it isn’t horribly ugly!!

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I’m Australian. I can say what I think. That is fucking awful. I’m embarrassed it was done in my country.


Not horribly ugly, but certainly not an improvement.

Yes, I also like the flares and debumpered look. The rear end apron/exhaust valance has the right idea but looks a little bit too much on the cheap side for me (though it probably wasn’t cheap to do.) Remember that Sir William himself didn’t care for the exhaust/valance area styling. I wonder if it’s clearance for something in the boot area?

And I too find the light treatment and the mirror housings awful. It’s just not harmonious. Don’t put sharp angles on a curvy ellipsoid-inspired design. It’s got Webers and A/C though!


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They cooda fixed the damned crooked 710 cap, at that price!