I got twins at 58!

'71 S3 FHC Auto (“Diana”)
'73 S3 OTS Auto (“Delilah”)


Well, fraternal twins!

You stud, you!


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very nice. Congrats and good luck.


The ultimate spare… a 2nd E.

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which one is the parts car? :wink:

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Neither. And I don’t need one either!

Both are 100% ready for a long road trip!

why have just one when so many garage doors…well done. Nick

A sunroof in a removable hardtop on a roadster…

No words.

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Perhaps…Department of Redundancy Department.

68 E-type FHC


Sometimes, one doesn’t want all the sky above you: one just needs an aliquot of it.


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Congratulations! It will be some work for people in our age but its very rewarding. Good luck from a fellow twin custodian!

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