I have a Hardtop for a 1974 XKE I consider selling but really don’t know much about it

My 1974 XKE cam with a hardtop I never use. Is this the original Jaguar hardtop or is it a aftermarket option? Who knows about these and what should I know? What is the value?

Put it on Ebay. That will sort out its value.


First off, welcome to Jag Lovers, the best site around for Jaguar owners, and an incredible source for knowledge and community fellowship in the joys and frustrations of Jaguar ownership.

If you provide a photo we can probably tell whether it is original or aftermarket. If original and in good shape with all the chrome and attachment hardware it is worth a few thousand at least. I have a 1974 that came with an aftermarket top that I have decided I can live with, but would upgrade to an original if the right opportunity was available.

Some hardtops have been sold standalone on Bring a Trailer in the last year that brought eye-watering prices. The Series III hardtop (like yours) does not fit Series I or II cars and visa versa.

Your geography is important, because those things are so huge and fragile that crating and shipping would be expensive and a big concern. If you can post some photos, or email them, we could sort it out. If you decide to sell it, you could also start by posting in the Classified ads section here.

Welcome again.

Rod Crawford

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Welsh has one on sale atm. $7,000 obo.

If it’s original, it appears they go for BIG bucks… check out BAT,

IMO, maybe you don’t use it, but if it is original and came with the car, save it for if and when you sell the car. We had a 67 corvette that came with its OE hardtop… I really liked the difference it made in the looks of the car and it made the buyer really want it and pay top dollar.