I have a silver jaguar s type 2003 and it has a black landau top I have only seen one other like mine does anyone know of any other jaguars like mine

I have only seen one like my jaguar is it a limited edition it has a black landau top and it’s silver I want to replace the top because it’s leaking does Jaguar sell a replacement


Is this S-type a “Palm Beach Edition” model?

I’ve never heard of Jaguar officially releasing a 2003 S-type with a vinyl or fabric roof, but I have heard that Jaguar did produce a roof kit for the S-type.

Palm Beach Jaguar of Florida sold customized S-types with a covered roof as “Palm Beach Editions.” If your car is one of these, then the best bet to get more information is to contact Palm Beach Jaguar.

Realistically, since there may no longer be stock of the Jaguar supplied kits left after all these years, you may be better off just going to a good automotive upholstery/convertible top shop and see what they can do. If the landau top is the problem you’d need someone like that to install a new one anyway.

I’m not sure how a Landau top would leak though since it’s just a fabric or vinyl covering over the metal roof from what I understand. The leak may be caused by something else (hopefully not rust eating a hole in the roof.)


Thank you for the info I’m going to have someone who does convertibles look at it for me

I see you have a moonroof. That is the most likely source of leaking. Often it’s the drain tubes for the moonroof getting plugged with debris - hopefully that’s the problem, a simple cleaning would then resolve the leak.


Thank you I’m going to try that. But unfortunately I think that what ever is underneath that fabric is dry rotted because I can see the fabric separating and I can see what I believe is the fiberglass underneath and also the headliner is separating on the inside and the glue that was underneath is now powdery so I’m probably going to have to get the whole top and inside done