I installed Pertronix and now battery doesn’t charge, ignition light stays on

Hello all,
I’ve owned my father’s 1963 Mark2 for the last 30 years, and nothing comes easy. I was having issues with the points and decided to swap a Pertronix (positive ground set up) and after some struggle the engine now purrs nicely. Unfortunately I’ve lost charge to the battery and the instrument shows discharge at idle with the ignition light staying on.
I’ve bench tested the generator and swapped the voltage regulator with a new unit but no charge/change. I’m sure there’s a resistance issue or I’ve botched the wires some how. I followed the Pertronix instructions and I’m happy with how it runs so I’d rather not go back to points.
Now I need to figure out a fix or possibly change the setup with a more modern electrical charging system (possibly a new alternator set up?). Hoping for some thoughts on best approach.

We might need to know a little more about your alternator - suspect it is a two wire unit? One for charge (out to the battery) and one to excite the alternator to charge? I think you might have an excitation problem - can’t perceive how the Pertronics has upset this - I have 123 units on my cars. Paul.

I have the original set up with the car which is positive ground and a generator. Although the generator isn’t original. I’ve checked the generator and changed the voltage regulator, but still no luck. I am considering changing the entire system for something newer as I anticipate this system will be prone to failure again.

In the meantime wondering if the wiring setup of Petronix caused the issue. I had an ignition wire that was originally set to trigger the electrical choke that Pertronix required a different run, but my understanding of the electrical layout is limited.

Sorry, should have noted positive earth and generator. I still run original gennies in two cars and find them reliable. Would usually expect two events: new ignition and failure to charge to be linked but I can’t see it. Im not familiar with the positive earth Petronics but suspect a polarity change might be difficult - alternators favouring negative earth. Paul.

That’s good to know, thanks. I was wondering if I’d need to change everything over to negative ground for a newer alternator set up.
Projects like this begin to snowball.

If the engine is running the Pertronics points replacement is not the problem as it only switches the coil ground on and off. It is not the coil wiring as the engine is running. Try removing the regulator cover and cleaning the relay points. Sounds like one if them is stuck.

BAXTER, I must be the oldest guy in the bunch…
You put Pertonix correct?
You left it positive ground correct?
You DISCONNECTED the battery to do this correct?
If the battery was say disconnected completelty for weeks or so or dead AND its still positive ground
Just POLARIZE the field on your regulator by jumping the wire !
Look it up on line or your owners manual.
You have to flip the the polarity to charge in reverse to a modern car.
You still have a dynamo correct?
You stated the battery,dynamo and all are in good working order. If so just polarize and the field will flip!!!
P.S. Easy way to check
Start the car…
Hit the gas…
does the amp gauge go to charge or minus when you do it.
If you hit the pedal and it goes the discharge, your regulator has to be polarized…
Its simple take 2 seconds and your back in business.
Good luck!
should be field to positive
Take 14 gauge wire touch f with one side , battery hot on regulator with other for a second or two and you see tiny spark, Then the field is flipped. Battery connected. your done

Thank you all for the helpful insights.
I will give it a go with the polarity and look over all contacts once more.
Of note, I’ve always thought it odd that the generator only has one wire connected to it (see photo). It’s been this way since I’ve had the car in high school and has always charged the system.

My 1967 Mark 2 negative ground 3.4 has two wires connected to the generator. Car came from the factory positive ground but was converted to negative ground some time before I purchased it in 1989. Still, I think you’re missing the second wire somewhere.

I’m not sure but your second wire on negative ground should be for warning light

That makes sense. Thanks