I just bought a "coming home" gift for my X330! (XJ6L)

I bought a set of high and low beam LCD cob headlight units. These run $24.96 USD on eBay and are of decent quality (I bought some just like them for my Lincon Town Car and they work extremely well). They,

  1. are brighter than the old Halogen lamps.
  2. Draw less current
  3. Enjoy a 60,000-hour lifespan,
  4. Illuminate signposts/signs and painted road marks more effectively.
  5. These will cost less in the long run because they’ll outlast Halogen bulbs by at least 10 times.
  6. They’ll keep me safer because I’ll be less likely to “overdrive” my headlights.

What’s not to appreciate?

Can you link to the sellers for those headlights?

I purchased mine from xiaohancheng2018 on eBay. I ordered them about an hour ago for $24.96 USD (including shipping). They shouldn’t be hard to find. You’ll be glad you ordered these because they really work well They also draw less current than Halogen lamps and you can install them in less than five minutes all by yourself (They’re “plug and play” with no fans or heat sinks).

p.s. They are 6000K “white” color lights, so they enhance visibility without increasing eye strain. (You really have to appreciate that).

Buy them, you’ll like them.

Interesting, put the suppliers name into the search box on eBay and nothing comes up.

I am sorry. Look up 6000K LED Headlight Bulbs for Jaguar XJ6 High & Low Beam 1990-1997. (Use precisely that wording) on eBay. I’m certain that you’ll be able to find it.

Would love to know how these work out, with pictures if possable!
Are these the ones? Factory Fit LED Headlight Bulb for Jaguar XJ6 High & Low Beam 1990-1997 Set of 4 | eBay

The LED “cob” doesn’t look exactly the same, but it is close. My offer looked a bit different. I would be willing to wager that they would work just fine. I bought two pairs of similar nature for my Lincoln Town Car and drove the 1060 miles from where I live to Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico. Every time I reached up and snapped on the headlights, the blue-white beams would light up traffic signs like nobody’s business. I really appreciate what they did for my Lincoln. (They’ll probably last the life of the car, too).

When these arrive, I’ll have them installed in the X330 in five minutes. How convenient is that? Come on in, the water’s fine!

Your all excited!
Great to hear by the time your done you’ll spend more than a lease on a new car but…
Your having fun!
Enjoy the ride my friend

The headlights are for my safety and for their appearance as well. The LED headlights draw less current. If in error, I leave the headlights lit, I may have the ability to recharge the battery by starting the engine. They aren’t expensive and I am also considering replacing all the interior incandescent bulbs with LED units as well. (For less than $10 USD you can’t beat how they illuminate the cabin’s interior).

I agree my friend

Jon the X308 headlamps are a significant upgrade on the X300 with OEM bulbs. They would be even better with LEDs or HIDs!

Which in my book means it is highly likely you are roasting the retinas of oncoming drivers. Buying direct from China is one way for them to avoid being caught selling unapproved, unsafe, bulb stocks in-market. Are the bulbs E marked or whatever the relevant spec is?

Headlamp reflectors are designed around millimeter-perfect positioning snd/or shielding of very fine filaments. I bet a pound to a pinch of dog poo those flat squared-off LED surfaces do not (indeed cannot) exactly match the postioning of the halogen originals. Thst’s partly why the beam is less focused and throws light higher up to illuminate previously gloomy road sigms, which you interpret as an improvement but hurts oncoming drivers. Not cool.

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The LED cob lamps that I bought for the Lincoln do not blind oncoming drivers because they were engineered specifically as “plug and play” replacements for the old halogen bulbs. The original reflectors cut the low beams off precisely where they did before. The light is just more intense but not so much as to blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles. Even the high beam LED lamps aren’t that bad. (I refuse to blind other drivers with my LED High beams because they are quite bright. They’ll light up road signs and traffic coordination (diamond amber) signs about 300 feet down the road. The only difference seems to be the intensity of the light. My prime concern is safety for all, not just myself. To see and be seen is the prime directive.

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