I just updated Discourse to v2.9.0.beta14, please post any problems here

Same as always, if you encounter any new problems/issues that weren’t present before this upgrade, please let me know by posting a reply here.

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We are experiencing problems with site access. The reasons are not certain, but no doubt much will become clearer!


I found the problem, it was an incompatible plugin to the forum software. Fixed now.

Sorry about that!



Sung to the tune of Devo’s Whip It:

If the software mostly works
You must ship it
Bug reporter only lurks
You must ship it
Schedule made up by jerks
You must ship it

Now ship it
Into prod
Check it out
Merge done
Try to test it
It’s not too bad
Now ship it
Ship it good


I was able to read your message RE. the update but when I clicked the link
to contact you I still only got the blank page with the revolving circles :grinning: very happy to say It’s all working great now, thank you.


It certainly seems to run faster.

Thanks Gunnar and Nick for taking care of this! Outages are never fun for Admins.


For a couple of days I could not connect to any of the forums.
I was going to comment but there was no access.
Now it’s a moot point, everything seems to be functional.
I have not done much exploration to see any speed issues.

Sorry about the extra down time, I had to perform some cleanup just now, so I had to restart the forum software again. Hopefully all done now.


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Gunnar, I’ve experienced an error message when trying to reply to several posts. Each time I’d compose and then hit “Reply” and it gives “502 Error” (that’s all it says). I had to copy my whole text, close the draft, open a new one and paste what I’d written, and then it would go through.

Happened to me on 3 different messages. Including composing this message.

An HTTP 502 status code (Bad Gateway) indicates that CloudFront wasn’t able to serve the requested object because it couldn’t connect to the origin server.

What that means is that you were unlucky - you tried to post while I was rebooting the server or restarting the forum software. I should be all done for this time, so hopefully you won’t see those errors again.

I shouldn’t have said that. I need to restart one more time, hopefully quick.