I just want to send the email message below to classified. cannot do it!

I have rejoined Jag-lovers and would like to run ads for (1) an original 1970 E-Type OTS, and (2) a ‘Jagrolet’ – a 1969 E-Type Coupe with a 1998 Chevy 350 crate engine (I hasten to add that I did not ‘violate’ the coupe – the original engine and transmission were long gone when I bought it in 1998. I would never modify anything on an original car). I would very much like both vehicles to go to Jaguar enthusiasts (ideally in the Southwest), rather than to someone who has no appreciation of the marque. HOWEVER I note that I cannot post an ad unless I achieve Trust Level 1. The question, though, is since I am rejoining, do I have Trust Level 1 status? I understand the reasons for waiting to establish Trust Level 1 status, but I am anxious to try to sell these 2 cars. I am perfectly willing to pay a fee to advertise them. Please get back to me about this. I don’t want them to leave the Jaguar ‘family.’ You can contact me at gaclark@asu.edu.

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Hi and welcome Geoffrey, seems like I can move you to classified, I hope that is okay - it will take some time or effort to be able to post pictures and the like - probably there’s something in #user-guides-and-how-tos if the site isn’t telling you automatically. #xj definitely isn’t the list to advertise the E‘s :slightly_smiling_face:
You‘ll get the hang of it quickly though.
Good luck selling!


Hi Geoffrey,
Welcome back.
“Technically” you can’t, but there is a loop hole.
Since you’re a returning member, you could ask the administrator if it would be ok to post your ad in the E-Type forum and move it to classified as David did with this post.
Check with @gunnar or @Nick for clarification to be sure.

No, please don’t do this! We’ll just end up deleting the ad/post. There are good reasons for having the requirement for TL1.

Also, there’s a template applied when you post to Classifieds, and we want all to use it for very good legal reasons.

Getting to TL1 isn’t hard, just spend a minimum of time on the site. We don’t currently have paid ads, so that’s not an option. It’s an interesting idea though, I’ll look into implementing something when I get a chance.


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