I keep seeing FACELIFT? what is that

I have a 1994 XJS and I see the word facelift come up a lot = Pre face lift ? Post Face Lift?
what is the meaning ? TIA

Circa 1991-92 the XJS received a 'facelift". Briefly, different tall lights and side glass, different instruments…and a slew of other changes, including construction process.

In the USA these are 1992 model year cars.

Your '94 is a ‘facelift’ car.




One of the big differences is that supposedly the facelift cars had far better rustproofing.

“Supposedly” is not the right term here. Substantial increase in the use of zinc-plated material for the 1994 and up (the ones with the plastic bumper covers and larger wheels):

The 1992 (the introduction of the Ford-ified XJS) saw the following changes to the body structure:

awesome - i appreciate the feedback Thank you

thank you so much for the education . Appreciated

Also, in the US market, they got rid of the dual headlights and went with the European single oval lights.

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There are also lots more modern style electrical bits… like blade fuses and sealed multipin plugs. Plus on ‘95 and late, an OBDII port which is handy.

Unfortunately, no V12 has OBDII diagnostic capability. Except perhaps for the XJ12s with the Nippon-Denso ignition.

Not sure why that pre-face-lift car has post-face-lift wheels on it, though … (unless it’s a European thing?) :confused:

I don’t think it does. The last few years of pre-facelift shipped from factory with the ‘lattice’ wheels.

My '89 has them and they are original to it. Others on the forum have suggested that all or most all cars with a build date 3/88 or later were factory with the lattice wheels (don’t have a source for that date myself but my build date is 10/88).

And '89 was the biggest production year of them all so there’s those and the first few '90s as well with them.

I will always be in love w the PRE-facelift models. The later ones aren’t my cup of tea.

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Ha ha. I do prefer the quad headlights, but it’s easy to replace one for the other.
What I dislike about the facelift coupes, is the rear end. Looks like a Ford Thunderbird. Facelift convertible rears look ok

meh, that front bumper on the pre-Facelifts look more like a Jenga set.

I do much prefer the rear on the prefacelifts, I never did like the facelift tail lights, but the front end of the facelifts look more thought out and coordinated than the bandaided front bumpers of the earlier years.

When does this devolve into a leaper or growler debate? Perhaps then we can move on to oil?

Are ALL cars post 92 facelift? Is it safe to say Facelift=Ford? Essentially the changes made during the Ford reign? Thanks

There isn’t anything in this thread that wouldn’t make for a better response than anything I would have to offer.

Scroll up and read!

Yes. While the external changes are the most noticeable, there were almost continuous upgrades and updates to the end of production. I have an '87 and a '95, both V12s, and about the only things in common are the front and rear suspension. Almost everything else was changed. Wiring, connectors, switchgear, and electronics were vastly improved in most cases. Body construction was simplified, and rust resistant steel was used in major areas increasing several times between '92 and the end of production. I may be wrong, but no body panels or glass are common between the pre and post facelift cars. Rear brakes were upgraded twice, first to outboard solid discs, and later to ventilated discs. The ABS system was changed in the 1995.25 update to a much simpler and more modern system. The V12 transmission was changed when the 6 liter engine was introduced. Even the crankcase ventilation system of the V12 was changed twice from the 5.3 liter system. Better engine sealing gaskets were used, a new rear main seal design, and other changes to reduce the propensity for oil leaks. Onboard diagnostics were introduced, although except for very late 4 liter cars, specific Jaguar specific readers were required.

If you go here, and look at the various model year technical guides, you can see most of the changes, although a couple guides are missing, the 1995 guide (not 1995.25), and I believe there was a 1994.75 guide.


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Thanks, Jon, more than answered my question! Better to be at the end of a 21 year production run!

Opinions obviously will vary, but I believe that the later pre-facelift cars like our 1990 XJ-S convertible was the best car for us. I think car manufacturers, including Jaguar, went crazy around 1991-1992 and made cars much too complicated for DIY hobbyists like myself to maintain.