I love backroads

Driving in south Florida sucks… we have to drive a long way to find proper roads like this one:


Nice, where was that. It reminds me of the road between Philmont Scout Ranch and Angelfire, New Mexico.

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Which leads, IIRC, over Palo Flechado Pass, a wonderful sports car road.

I just drove by that, on my way down to Taos, but took a different route, becuz Harvey is no sports car!

Great video! Is that somewhere in the Smokies?

Yes, nantahalla National forest NC


That’s what I thought. That’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite places to visit.

That’s where I live! So many roads like that around here; it’s a biker’s paradise except now I’ll be driving the E…some day! That looks like US441 - Newfound Gap Rd - up to Smoky Mtn Park. But it could be Wayah, or Warwoman, or the Rattler (209), the Dragon, Cherohala, 215, 276, 28 (the Hellbender - where I live) or even the 400+ mile long Blueridge Pkwy. Y’all come up…give me a shout!

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It is Wayah road…

Biggest problem with most roads around here is traffic especially bikers who are cruising way below the speed limit. The blue ridge is a traffic nightmare even during the week.

Some folks are courteous and pull over to let you pass others just have this “I have the right to drive slowly and hog the road attitude”

We haven’t run the tail of the dragon in the last couple of years for this reason.

It s beautiful area. One of our favorite lunch stop is the Tapoco lodge. Great food and beautiful place !


Where is the Hellbender? 28 is great too. We went to lake Fontana marina yesterday and that stretch of 28 is fun.

(Scribbling furiously…)



Heck Paul, I towed my Airstream through that many times. :grin:

Hey Pascal. Hwy28 is the Hellbender - the name it had back in the moonshiner run days. Hwy28 is the only State Hwy that keeps its name in S. Carolina, Georgia, and N. Carolina (or so I read). It’s a great ride from the coast to Hyw129 (the Dragon) in N.C. And you are right about the known roads being touristy…and why locals ride the lesser known roads.

Yea… slowly.


I’ll do it next year, to Taos: we’ll budget the extra time needed.

Yeah. And we pull off a couple times if possible to let people pass.


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Agree about FL roads Pascal. Hot sweaty flat and straight.

Been up there a couple times on my two wheeler with my motorcycle industry friends. Love the roads, many have passing lanes. The bikers call the area “The Gauntlet”. We stayed at the Copperhead Lodge which rents modern cabins. Perfect for a group of Jags on tour. Rest.& bar too.

Was planning my own fall trip after an alignment by Dick M. But my re-cored radiator is still on the bench! Running out of fall!

I stayed at Tapoco in April with my brother and again in July with my wife. I love it there. Went more for the hiking than the driving though.

Do they keep a transport ambulance at the ready?


GA 180 / Wolf Pen Gap Road is one of my favorite roads, great corners and perfect corners. GA 60 north of Suches is great as well

We take 180 pretty much every trip. Very little traffic too