I love Jag girls and Tina Turner was one of them

I loved Tina Turner and even more now that I know she was a Jag girl.
RIP Miss Turner you will be missed :two_hearts:l


Here’s Tina and Ike when life was bliss. Anyone here notice the jag in the background, it’s apparent they loved Jaguars…


Anyone know if that is Ike standing beside her?

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
But I trust dogs who don’t like people.

If you right-click on the photo in the above posting and select “Search image with Google”, you’ll be taken to numerous postings of this identical image on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, iloveoldschoolmusic.com, etc, etc, etc. Some are from non-English sites.
This time they all are the identical photo - other times you get some interesting results

Of course, they all could be circular references to the original incorrect posting somewhere within the bowels of the web.

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Hi Lloyd that’s most definitely Ike. Ike was a very zealous man, and I doubt if he would allow anyone to be close to his meal ticket…

The XJ6 was a gift from Sammy Davis, Jr. according to this article. Tina Turner's Jaguars: The touching tale of her favourite cars

Her description of the E-Type:

“I’ll never forget the moment I got behind the wheel and pulled out of the dealership,” Turner wrote.

"It was late and a little misty when I drove the sleek silver Jaguar on Wilshire Boulevard. As far as I was concerned, there was no one else on the road – just me, driving with the windows down, looking and feeling fabulous.

“I can still hear the sound of the motor, the vroom that signaled it was ready to take me anywhere I wanted to go… I knew I would never drive it at top speed, but I still got the adrenaline rush that car lovers experience.”


Ahhhh… so when Tina left Ike, she had her name and her 2 Jaguars (that had been given to her).
You come a long ways, babe!

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
But I trust dogs who don’t like people.