I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for this education yet…

Wow, lots of documentation out there, I have a lot to learn. And will

So far, I have found the following information about Zenith Stromberg 175 CD-2 carbs. Please let me know if there are other/better sources of information.

The Jaguar Service Manual, “E” Type Models 3.8 and 4.2 litre Series 1 and 2, on pages QY.s.5 - QY.s.15, and the Bentley book, The Complete Official Jaguar “E”, Second Revised Edition, on pages 389 - 395, contain the same content. They provide a thorough write-up including a detailed assembly diagram, a detailed description of the principles of operation, steps to perform a variety of scheduled maintenance, and some information/ideas about problem debugging.

The Haynes E Type 3.8 & 4.2 Owners Manual, beginning on page 89, may actually have the best description I have found for performing maintenance/adjustments. There is a lot of the same verbiage around principles of operation. However, the Haynes manual has a few more drawings, and their steps for various maintenance seems to be more detailed. I obviously say this without ever having followed any of these steps. However, they appear to be more thorough.

The Zenith Carburetters web site has the following page which provides a lot of similar information as is covered in the above manuals, including principles of operation, and descriptions of various adjustments and maintenance. That page does not have as much detail in most areas, but has more/different information in a few sections.

[Zenith CD, CDS, CD-2S Series - Zenith Caburetters]

The Rock Auto web site page for their carb rebuild kit, as suggested by @John_Walker :

[More Information for STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS 777]

has a link to an “Instruction Sheet”


That page contains a detailed exploded view/assembly drawing, but not a lot of detail on doing the actual work. As is so often the case, we get the always-helpful, “Reassemble in reverse order of disassemble”.

Search the Jag Lovers archives for certain!

Also, this site is very informative and will keep you busy reading for a while!

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Looks like you have located most of the relevant manuals, and the Buckeye article posted by Rob is a good guide to the work involved. Likely overkill, but Haynes also has a separate Zenith Stromberg CD Carburetors manual, and Burlen Fuel systems in the UK has information on ZS, SU and other carbs.

In my experience, pulling the carbs and rebuilding on the bench will make cleaning and servicing of all components easier and worth the effort of removal and reinstallation. Check the valves, floats, needles and diaphragms while you are at it.

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Your wishing on a star , just do it one carb at a time have a clean area to lay it out and get to it . Your leaky carb isn’t going away it’s just going to frustrate you