I need a 'W" yes a strange request

Below you will see a picture of what I need it is the little wire clip that holds the front indicator lens to the chrome ring and I have one missing .
I will happily pay you for it and shipping or if there is something you need that I may have I am willing to trade.



Hi Gary,

Couldn’t you just move the other 3 ones around equidistantly to compensate? Or maybe (and block your ears all purists) a dab of Araldite?

Very similar to the clips that hold the glass panes in greenhouses. It may be worth checking out your local garden centre.

Identical to the clips holding headlamps to the chrome rim on almost every postwar British bike with a round 7" lamp.

With a piece of wire, a propane torch, a small vice and a needle-nose, you maka dat yous selves.

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I would try greenhouse clips , may need to cut and bend a little !


Thanks for all the ideas glueing it is not an option and I must admit I haven’t heard of araldite in years, if no one has one I will attempt to make one out of a similar gauge paper clip and see how it goes.
Unfortunately I cannot just use two clips as it does not hold it tight enough it needs three.

Once again thanks for all your input.

Boy do I remember those things. Trying to pry one into position with a screwdriver, and suddenly the screwdriver slips and the clip either impales a finger, or leaps across the garage, never to be seen again.

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Time for an update Unfortunately no one has one to spare so I decided to make one and I must admit I am please with the results and it holds better than the originals and all it took was a clip and some careful bending (see pictures).


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Your ninth grade shop teacher would be so proud of you.

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Well done, it looks better than the originals!

Now you’ll have to replace the others.

Well, just bleepin’ brilliant! Tucked away in the cranium!

That’s worthy of the KIWI No8 wire solutions :slight_smile:

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Outstanding sir. I’m half tempted to replace those on our car on principle having seen this. Superb.


I just checked these out and it makes me happy that I made my own cheaper and very satisfying, plus shipping cost to where I live USA is really high.

But nice to know there are other options.


But that takes the fun out of it :slight_smile:

Very true Robin , but some members may not be very good with there hands , :facepunch::fist_left::thinking: