I need some good news on the F type

Ive been reading a lot of bad comments about problems with the F type…clutch/oil/trans…give me some good news about the car…I like the V6…

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Mine is a 2014 3.0S, so a convertible with the V6. I bought it new.

It’s now got about 48,000 miles on the clock and it’s been perfectly reliable. I’ve had the following problems:

  • The battery died in the first year. Very odd. Replaced on warranty, and no problems since. Perhaps a dud from the battery manufacturer?
  • The bypass valve in the exhaust system had to be replaced. The dealer found the problem (or perhaps it was a recall, I don’t remember), but I never noticed anything. Replaced on warranty, has worked fine since.
  • The filler neck for the gas tank had to be replaced, it was too restrictive. After multiple complaints, Jaguar finally agreed to fix the problem and replace it on their dime. I think the same problem applied to some other model too, perhaps the XF?
  • I had a weird bout of problems with the electronics, most notably that the transmission wouldn’t shift out of park after a warm restart of the car. The dealer told me to unplug the ODB II bluetooth adapter that I’d installed, and that instantly solved the problem. Ooops.

The only ongoing problems I have are that the center vent for the aircon isn’t opening fully anymore. It’s still trying, so I suspect it just needs a drop of oil. And also the onboard navigation is beyond bad. It’s not a question of updating the maps, it’s just slow and generally useless. I hope they put a better system in the newer models.

Please keep in mind, my car was one of the first delivered, of the first model year. All in all, not too bad. We’ve had more problems with other marques we’ve owned.

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I , too was keen on my due diligence before buying an F in the fall of 2020. The one I was interested in, a MY2017 base/Premium was a manual, a non-negotiable requirement. I have had a number of old British sports cars, and still have my 69 E type, so I am familiar with their idiosyncracies. I thought I read sufficiently on the F forums, but I missed the clutch saga. The selling dealer was upfront about having replaced the clutch (at 26,000 mi) which he dismissed as an incompetent previous owner. I asked for and received all the related parts orders and work orders. AFTER I bought the car, I found the stories here about the early clutches not even lasting long enough to get a new F home! Fortunately, the dealer had installed the most current clutch, so all good there. At 3.5 years old, the AGM battery died, but was replaced under warranty. I make sure the maintenance schedule is followed. My current JLR dealer has been great. Any concerns I have they are happy to check out. There have been other things replaced under warranty, PM me, if youd like the details. That said, Im in love with this car, the spiritual successor to my E. I was willing to let it go, if it wasnt right, but as soon as I sat in it, I knew it was going home with me. The form, the style, the performance is everything that I could have hoped for. Be sure to check the CARFAX for the service/accident history and join this forum. The knowledge base here is spectacular and wiiling to help. Plus, what you post may help someone else, as it has for me.