I pulled the trigger on an F-type S

(Ole Würtz) #1

I finally committed and bought the car you see here.
Compared to my Audi S5 the controls are somewhat different. Some better and some worse. At least my impression after the first few hundred miles. In fact, I drove 850 miles to pick this one up and on the way back I got to know the F a little.
One thing that niggles me is that the rev counter and speedo are almost in the dark during daylight hours. My Audi always had the dials back lit. Now to my first F-type question:
Is there a setting that will turn the back light on during daytime use ?
Some facts: 2015, 10K miles

Thanks … Ole

(Gunnar Helliesen) #2

Gorgeous! And welcome to the F-Type group!

(Ole Würtz) #3

I’m having a blast every time I drive it.
I just put these in yesterday:
(the light that illuminates the area under the door when you open it)

(Gunnar Helliesen) #4

Nice! Did you get them from the dealer? Where are they installed?

(Ole Würtz) #5

Sits in the bottom of the doors. The door casing has a tab that serves as an orientation help for the original light. That has to be cut out with a Stanley knife, otherwise, it’s plug and play.

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(Mike B) #6

Nice! I didn’t find the leaper one on Amazon so I went the ebay route.