I really do hate rats!

Wow! That’s disturbing! I need to watch for that since I’m forced to park the jag outside at this time. I check under the hood at least weekly but I may need to amp that up.

I live on a goat ranch so I have a bunch of cars (running and parts cars).

I solve that problem with a dozen ‘barn’ cats (feral cats).

Haven’t had anything chewed in decades.

You might try ‘snap-traps’ or poison pellets?
I had a customer pull up one day and the car REEKED of mothballs.
He had bags of them hanging in the engine compartment. Said he didn’t have rodent problems anymore.

I put bait pellets under the hood she wasn’t supposed to be in the back yard for long but!

Fortunately it only ate a vacuum line this time.

I live in a small to medium city and only have on-street parking. Most of the rats around here are way too large to fit under the hood. They don’t seem interested in the jag, maybe because it’s not a valuable pawn shop item. We have lots of cats running around - many people let their pet cats out at their leisure. Perhaps this is an incidental rat deterant. However, there are often signs posted on the utility poles describing a missing cat. Maybe the rats are winning. I’ve heard dryer sheets deter mice, so maybe rats too? I’ve been tempted to use them but am concerned I’d forget they were there and take the car for a spin with them under the hood. Car would probably smell like a fresh load of laundry. Not the worst thing I suppose, and likely better than moth ball smell.

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Mind if I’ll ask what is actually wrong on the picture above?
It looks like usual XJ40 in UK, however with greater amount of metal left and it’s not parked in the middle of the traveller’s site in Coventry…

With US gun law it’s a shame to admit that rats are starving. I recommend Hatsan Blitz .22 and few red lightbulbs in the place of regular feed. One night with scope and your problems will be history :wink: