I still have my first bike!

Hope to see a lot more pictures of our bikes
This is my first bike 1972 T250 Suzuki Hustler had it close to 45 years , I restored it a few years back , but now stands in the back of the shed ,
I am down to just 6 bikes now ,
No tell a lie 8 , but 2 I hope to shift this year

Ps , thank you for adding the new category !



lovely. how does it compare to trophy or bsa?

To be honest John , I only used it a few times , about 10 years back , after I restored it , I popped to the shop on a hot sunny day , when I come back the wife said I looked stupid on it , far too big for it , so it stayed in the shed from that day :pensive:

This is my current ride…son left it in my shed a few years ago and I couldn’t resist fixing it up and taking it for a few rides…1984 Yamaha SRX250…runs well…nice around town but a bit lacking in power for the open road…

Last bike was a 1950 Matchless G80S 500 single…that was in the 80’s…this little Japanese bike has me looking for something bigger…:grimacing::grimacing:

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