I want to buy a jag!

Hi everyone!

I am 18 and something of a jag enthusiast! For some reason I really like the xj6 series 3 jag. I am in Greece and there are not a lot of them here. I have found one that needs a little bit of work but from the photos seems to be in a working condition (It is a Daimler Sovereign 4.2)

What do you think? Should I check it out?

I don’t think that is a Series 3 4.2. If it is a S3, it’s a 3.4, as it’s on carburettors. A 4.2 would be fuel injected. This could be a S2, or another example of the “inventive hybrid”.

Need more photos to say whether it’s worth looking at though!

The air intake at the wiper is not the S3, but the header tank is… the heatshield (exhaust) is missing, the battery reservoir cap, and then there’s the red paint…
Check it out, but more as a training exercise, look for rust, try to find out what it actually is, etc.
There’s a book by Peter Crespin you could get (excerpts are on google books) and should read. Then you know about enough. This one looks a little to tired and modified for my taste. I don’t know if a 3.4 is worth much, but if it is a 4.2 it is likely a S2. More pictures please, and good luck finding a good one!

Owner seems to have taken some care with the engine compartment, Konstantinos - which is a good sign. What about rust - a definite deterrent. And the price - and mileage…:slight_smile:

‘…a little bit of work’ (what?) is fair enough - but unless you are well versed in auto mechanics; a S3 Jaguar is not for the faint hearted…:slight_smile:

But welcome on board anyhow…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I bought mine at 19 (I think) and it still runs - ‘some work’ required and no regrets. One spray can and 6 wires are not taking care - but we have seen worse…

It says that is a 1977 model but by the chrome and styling I figured out that its a S3. The price is 5.000 euros negotiate 10712256_4_m

I don’t have more engine photos buy here are some else10712256_2_m

Yes unfortunately the rust you can see is not going to be the whole story.
However if that is the worst spot you can find then it could be worth investigating further.

The interior seems nice btw.
I will check the car in person and talk to the seller in July, because I am studying for exams this period. What exactly should I ask him about the car, and what to expect in driving conditions.
It will be really helpful of you to point out some key thing to check!
I will post the rest of the photos!

Thank you!

That is an interesting car. From you photo it looks like a modified Series 2. It has a Series 2 roof and windows but Series 3 bumpers and door handles. Modifying it to fit those door handles would have taken time, skill and money. There are probably other modifications too - e.g the coolant expansion tank.

As others say, rust is the thing to be careful of but if that small spot is the worst then the car could be a good deal. Rust is expensive there on a Series 3 but less of a problem on the Series 2 (which this car is). Other main places to check for rust are door bottoms, floors, wheel arches and sills.

If you can maintain the car yourself, or know a good mechanic, then this could be a good buy but it will need more care and maintenance than a more modern car.


Here an interior photo, if it helps to understand which model the car is…

To save a million posts that will ultimately fail to reproduce this guide by @Doug_Dwyer:


And yes, this looks like a modified S2 XJ6, so let’s not get into it maybe being a “special edition” or anything right away, ok? :wink:


Got a lonk for that David? I didn’t know my books were available free !



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I bought the book in pgysical form, I want it in my car library!

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Excerpts! You still have to buy it, and it’s worth it (as you can see in the link…) :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, Its a Daimler
The vents are series 2 and Carbs maybe a left over parts bin car put together at the end.
Its a neat mix AND GREAT THAT AN 18 year old wants to dive in but sadly that rust…….
Its 10 times worth underneath.
Offer $1,500 dollars and drive it till it falls apart. Unless your the son of a sheik you will need 30mgrand to run it safely.

1500 is worth a try. I paid 2200 (steering wheel on the wrong side, and no MOT) with rust at the windows, but almost none underneath, new brakes and oil cooler but everything else not so good. A proper S3 though. The market isn’t looking so good right now, at least that is how I feel. The defrost vent is not seated, the center console has a bad gap thanks to brittle plastic, the radio is not nice and the foot mat is neither safe nor original. The wood looks nice! The speaker grille is missing. The small rust spot is not too much to worry about with a driver, but it will grow…the exterior is fine by me, nothing terrible. Certainly not 5000… not knowing the Greek market.check it out, make sure you can drive a little if possible.

By the tail lights I think it is an S3. I am really confused about it and I have to wait a month to ask the seller for information.

Yes the tail lights (and the seats) are also from an S3 but it’s definitely an S2 that’s been modified by an owner.


Well… the boot lid, bumpers and lights are S3 and so are the door handles. But notice the small window you look through when you look in the mirror, and the thicker rubber gasket around the rear window, the silver rings around the instruments, and the air inlet between the wipers are S2 - If that was done later it was done well. There has been a similar car recently, s2/3 mix, best bet is that it is a transition car from the factory but still, weird. 1977 was the last year, wasn‘t it?