ID these bolts?

Are these the rear bumper to body bolts??

Do they get pop riveted to the body? Is that what the holes are for? What is the arrangement of the large metal washer and the square “fabric” type washer in relation to the bumper?

I didn’t take them off the car so, have no idea of the original arrangement.


I"m not entirely sure those are factory: I never saw anything like them on Tweety.

I recentley installed the bumpers on my 1970 S2E…OTS…these looks similar to bolts and washers I used…but not the same!!!

were your bolts welded to the flat pieces of metal?

These are bumper bolts. They get pop riveted to the body preferably before the gas tank goes in…

I have seen photos of bolts exactly like those before that were labelled as bumper bolts. There are predrilled holes in the sheetmetal on either side of the bumper bolt openings that match the location of the holes in the flat plates. That is enough proof for me and I will be fabricating similar hardware for my 67.

Bill’s are for a 4.2
The 3.8’s had bumpers sans cutouts with weld nuts inside the bumpers.

Not the world’s best shot, but here you go, this is the one about half way back on the right side.

Hi Bill, No they were not welded. The bolts were the same size with “points” on them. They were part of the “kit” from the PO of my S 2 "70 OTS.

The bolts on mine are tack welded to the square metal plates on the head side. As best I can tell they had never been off of the car.

and they are held to the body by pop rivets?

and the padded thingie goes between body and bumper, with the washer and nut going behind the bumper bracket to snug it agains the thingie and squash it to the body?

Yes, from the inside out as I understand it.

  • Bolt head welded to square plate inside the body,
  • pop riveted from the outside, the pop rivets only hold the assembly in position until the bumper is secured to the bolt.
  • outside a rubber cushion, and in my case some metal spacers between the cushion and bumper bracket.
  • lock washer and nut.