Ideas for Fiber glass doors

So here is the question. WHat have some of you done to DISGUISE the fact that when you look at either of the doors from outside the car it is clearly Fiberglass as it has no color and no finish? Thoughts on how to make it look a bit more attractive? thx alot

Hi Blair…do you mean looking at the inside of the doors …the outside is painted bodycolour…iv seen quite a few painted silver…iv covered mine with aluminium…Steve ps since this photo iv also lined the very inside…cut a long slot in bottom of door and slide in an aluminium sheet

That looks good but I am referring to the inside that also shows it is just fiberglass. Has anybody put leather o something inside?


Hi Blair… as mentioned my inside is aluminium covered…Steve

Looks kool! I think I may just velcro some red leather in that opening so it looks a bit more finished!