Identification required

After removing the inlet manifold, I noticed this casting and some damage, this seems to be on the oil gallery according to the manual, not much info in the workshop manual about it
Can somebody shed some light on it

Crankcase breather, should have a pipe going downwards.


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It’s the crankcase breather. There should be a half inch diameter pipe stuck in it to carry the fumes down to the bottom level of the engine / into the air stream. The pipe is cut at an angle inside the alloy fixing so that oil splashes don’t enter the pipe. The is cranked.

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The crankcase breather often is damaged by over-tightened pipe clamp. This causes the adapter body to crack.

The parts are listed on page 15 of the Spare Parts Catalogue (1949 and 1958 editions) as:
C.441 Adaptor for Breather Pipe and associated washer, stud, nuts, spring washers.

C.494 Pipe, Vent is the cranked pipe shown in associated pictures. Often missing, originals are a bit hard to come by but fabricating a soft copper equivalent is pretty easy.

There also is an oil baffle, not usually damaged, on the inside of the valve tappet cover.


Thanks all, much appreciated, what a great forum, I will be removing it to fabricate a new pipe and will post my results