Identify a pressure plate type by bolt spacing

I have a mystery Jag flywheel marked 12114 with single set of pressure plate holes.
The diameter the bolt hole centers are located at is 295mm (or 31/32 ft, as some may prefer :laughing: )

Can anyone identify this spacing as some pressure plate type ?
It has 2 thick dowel pins.

Ha! Thatโ€™s the exact one I bought a few months ago.
But given this S-type info, I have reservations purchasing blindly a diaphragm type 9.5" pressure plate in hope that it will nicely mate my T-5 (Jeep V-6) clutch disc (244mm O.D.)

Actually Iโ€™m having problems confirming any info on Jag pressure plate cross-compatibilities, like how many hole / dowel patterns exist among XKE engine cars. Do spring typ differ from diaphragm within say โ€ฆ 9.5" family ? Etc.

This may help a little

I have '62 E Type which came to me with a 10" spring type clutch. I did an engine out rebuild about 5 years ago. Car now has a 9 1/2" diaphragm clutch. I still have the 10" - can take some measurements for you if that helps? Paul.

Your measurement would be very beneficial !
Also - an info whether the pressure plates were a direct replacement with same bolt pattern, and not a dual-hole flywheel situation.